October 29-30, 2019

In the context of MSE2019, CONNEXIONs co-organised a workshop on "Artifical Inteligence for LEAs" where a panel discussion was held. The panel was moderated by CERTH with the participation of representatives from PSNI, Europol, Greek Police, CERTH, and KEMEA. 

Workshop Descritiption

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, and in particular the deep learning paradigm, are advancing at an astounding pace and appear to have the potential to significantly enhance law enforcement capabilities, through their application, for instance, in (i) computer vision tools for automated abnormal activity detection in surveillance footage, child sexual abuse detection in digital evidence, etc. (ii) autonomous robotic patrol systems and IoT sensors for improved surveillance, (iii) Web and social data mining for OSINT, (iv) predictive analytics for optimising law enforcement resources, and others. Many countries are exploring AI technologies for law enforcement, but adoption is still pending in several cases as important issues (such as the auditability of AI systems and privacy concerns) need to be resolved. This workshop aims to provide a forum to advance the understanding of the current and prospective opportunities and risks of AI for law enforcement through discussing the current status of AI technologies, their potential applications in law enforcement, as well as the ethical, legal, and social implications posed by the adoption of these technologies. The workshop targets law enforcement officers, industry partners, academic researchers, and civil society.

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